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School plays or event demand various types of fancy dress, In a play or event kids love animal and bird fancy dress as they are curious about animals and birds. Parents and audience find animal costumes cute and attractive. Without costumes, stories aren’t believable or praised by the audience. People dress up and narrate stories that create the aura in the theatre or Hall. Different types of animal costume for instance lion, tiger, elephant etc are available at our store.

Animal and birds fancy dresses are one of the key highlights of our store and website as we provide fancy dresses of animal and bird in a good quality and colorful which differentiate our store, in animal costumes we have a variety of fancy dresses like lion, tiger, panda and many more.

There are also so many parents who had planned for a fancy dress birthday parties for those occasion people think about many themes but one of the popular themed birthday parties is the animal fancy dress birthday parties in which kids are dressed up as cat, lion, birds, penguin and many more different animals so, fancy dresses is not only limited to the School events also but it can be used in any function to make it more interesting and exciting .At Golu Moolu fancy dress centre we provide you perfect fitting fancy dresses with accessories if needed for the costume.

There is a wide range of fancy dresses available in Golu Moolu fancy dress centre for kids from regional to international, animals to birds, historical to mythological. It is located in Noida (Uttar Pradesh) and Delhi NCR.

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